Pharmacist Day


Once every few days, I find some celebration that starts out with me not really knowing if it is worth my time to write about, but at the same time, the more I research it, the more convinced I become it needs to have a footnote in history. Like this one, Pharmacist Day. Who really thinks pharmacist is something extra? Just a normal place, with normal people, and nothing to make it noticable. At least at first glance.

Because I’ve found a few notes about this day floating around on the web, and I’ve grown more fond of it these last minutes than I ever thought I would. Doctors, as the public knows, are paid to much, for to little work, never takes those extra minutes to really care, and just keeps going to the next. Nurses are the one with lousy pay but big hearts that see us at our worst. At least popular culture tells us so. And even if this day isn’t about them, I think we could spare them a thought and a kind smile if one finds oneself in a hospital today.

But the small people, the pharmacist people, I’ve never really thought about in connection with meeting us at our worst before. Mostly because when I do occasionally visit the pharmacy, I often do it without some sickness riding my body to the seven hells and back. But they do, don’t they.  really meet us at our worst as well (humans do have a lots of time that could be worst, and any of them really is the worst at that precise moment when we experience it). They meet the ones who have come down with something sticky, something that makes them sneeze violently all over the place, stolen our voices, our peace of mind, ability to function on a higher plane.. They meet us when we would give anything, anything to make the drums in our head stop (taptaptaptap, taptaptaptap), and they see us break down and cry when they are out of whatever we went there to find but the person in front of us got the last one just to taunt us. They see us sneaking in with the walk of shame written in neon on our face trying to quietly ask for pregnancy test or anything to make the itching stop. They see the embarasing, the broken, the hurt, the demanding and we never give them a moments thought.

We take them for granted and get angry when they can’t help. So today is  payback for all the sick stuff you brought them. Today is a opportunity to go there with a smile and healthy breath, with nothing more than a kind word and a wish for a better day. ‘Cuz everyone knows, that even a small and lame compliment is still a compliment and that can make a whole day turn around. And you might as well stock up on whatever thing you need when you have a cold. Winter is not over and yes, you will be needing that tiger balm, that smelly goook, and those painpills before it is over. Go and take care of it today with a smile, not the day when you actully want to remove your head because it’s svollen and trobbing and hurting and slowly driving you to murder. Having a Cold is the worst.


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